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Campers For Sale!

Want in Now? Skip the Line & Purchase a Camper Directly from on of our Current Site Holders!

When you buy a camper from one of our current site holders you have the opportunity to transfer the site into your name and start camping as soon as the papers are signed!

Any Campers Sold With a Site Must Fill Out an

Account Ownership Transfer Form.

Current Campers Available

2020 Brookstone 344FL

Beautiful camper, walking distance to Pelican Cove and Key Largo! Comes with storage shed, deck and smoker grill.


Contact: Dave or Lori Eis

507-829-3060 / 507-829-3061


1997 CarriLite 31' Fith Wheel

31' fifth wheel camper in beautifully shaded lot. Includes bilevel deck with top level covered. Close to amenities. Lot rental is paid for this season and included in price.

Lot: 30

Contact: Diane Royalty (605)-999-1884


get notified of any openings!

Campground Maps

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