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Quick Update!

Quick Update! New Games & Activities, Golf Cart Ordinance, Ice, Continued Improvement, Trailers, & Permits!

New Games & Activities- We have begun adding many new board games and puzzles for kids found in the picnic shelter along with a dart board & Arcade Machine with over 200+ games on it (free to use), We have also begun filling up the activity box by the house in front of the deck and across from the basketball hoop with all sorts of activities! Flag Football, Basketball, Volleyball (net coming soon), Jump ropes, Frisbees, Soccer w/ Nets, & Beanbags! (If you have any ideas for fun games/activities you'd

like to see added please let us know and comment below, also if you have any old board games laying around please reach out we are trying to fill up the game area as best we can!)

Golf Cart Ordinance- Yesterdays meeting went very well with a lot of cooperation around the table! Things still have to get passed through the board hopefully later next week but the proposed changes would eliminate the license style plastic permit card and simply revert back to the sticker registration style permit that would be affixed to the cart. There would be new language added to require any driver of a golf cart have a valid driver's license (any state) when operating on county roads. And that's it, keep things simple! I will keep you updated as more progress is made and more information is available.

Ice - Please be advised that our Ice price has gone up a few dollars, we just got the chest filled and the unit price was such that we were losing substantial money every bag we sold. This was a recent hike from Artic Glacier and It is likely you will see similar prices begin to show around the lake.

Continued Improvement, Trailers & Permits- We are hard at work continuing to improve the grounds and add many new features to our great Campground! In this effort please keep in mind that Trailers may not be parked throughout the grounds for prolonged periods of time, temporary parking can be found near the dry dock in the parking area to the right (or call for help) We also see a few improvements happening throughout the campground in regards to decks and landscaping, we will be posting the free permits on the website soon with guidelines on fire pits, decks, sheds/landscaping, ext. Soon one of these permits will need to be acquired and approved prior to your project to keep things in order and fair. The permit will be free.

Thanks Everyone! We will keep you updated as new and exciting things happen! As always feel free to reach out, and the weather is getting nice! We'll see you all soon!

Valhalla Island Campground (507) 509-2267

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