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Update: There is a New Golf Cart Ordinance for Murray County

This Ordinance will affect anyone who operates a golf cart on any roadways within Murray County and was put into effect to promote safety as there has been a long-known issue of minors operating golf carts.

I have attached to this post the full Ordinance and have done my best to summarize keynotes of the ordinance below. I also have the standard campground golf cart rules below.

It is recommended that you contact the Murray County License Center with any further questions.

1 (507) 836-1150

Key Notes:

1. Firstly, from speaking with the county it is my understanding that this ordinance will affect anyone who operates their golf cart on roadways within Murray County. This being said we do not plan to enforce this ordinance within the campground but strongly recommend that if you plan to drive outside of the campground you follow all laws/ordinances.

2. The Old Golf Cart Permit is Void and a New Permit Must be Received

3. The New Permit is for use by an Individual not for the Cart as a whole meaning that anyone who plans to operate the cart on county roadways must have a permit. The permit is plastic like a driver’s license.

4. Insurance is required on the golf cart and must be presented when applying for a permit.

5. The cost for a Golf Cart Permit is $30 / Person / Year and you must apply for the permit in person at the Murray County License Center

6. Golf Carts Can Only be Operated on Roadways in Murray County from Sunrise to Sunset

7. They Informed us that an Officer has been Appointed to Patrol the Island Watching for Violations. So Please If you plan to drive anywhere outside of the campground ensure you have your permit.

Campground Rules:

1. Anybody Operating a Golf cart Must be of Legal Driving Age

2. Don’t exceed the speed limit within the campground of 10 Mph

3. Obey all road signs within the campground

4. The Rules of the Road Apply in the Campground, No Kids Should be Driving a Golf Cart even if accompanied by an adult.

5. Please Limit driving after 11:00pm to only travel directly to campsites.

6. Do Not Park Carts on the Grass for Prolonged Periods of time.

7. Carts are to have Stock Motors and tires

8. No Carts on the beach area

9. Passengers must be seated when in a golf cart

10. Any Cart with a Rented Parking Spot Should have its Parking Permit in a clear and visible location.

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